Muster Mind Solution

Mobile Services

Using our Mobile Device Management Servies distribute your Applications and Data Over The Air(OTA), remotely install, upgrade and uninstall applications. Remotely Lock/Swipe, track and secure data and backup or restore, or remotely monitor – device usage, device performance , measure and analyse the data. Manage Configuration, Wi-Fi, Email etc.

Allow our efficient and tested methodologies to build Product Strategy. Should it be IOS, Blackberry, Andriod, Symbian or Windows Phone ? Allow us to use our experience to choose the correct platform for you. Use our expert UX designers to create teh correct Design Blueprint for you. Allow us to handhold in the App store marketing and for creating the Adoption Strategy.

Our Infrastructure Setup services can get a head start in project startup. Our expertise in Analyzing System Requirements and Designing of Prototypes and Proof of Concepts can help you get on the right track sooner. Our expert Technical Team reviews and ensures the System Desing is proper and aligned. Our Development and Testing Teams cut cost and time and get the App built to the sepcifications. Then onwards our experts manage your Deployments and User trainings. Thus giving you a complete range of services in Mobile App Development

Use our Porting services to port/convert Apps from one device/platform to the other or allow us to rebuild the applications using platform independent technologies and frameworks so that they can be migrated / adapted to any mobile platform. Also internationlize your apllication with our language capabilities and culture localization services.

Ensure a rich product using our end to end testing services for projects/products, streamline your testing strategies using our Test Process Consulting and Automate the testing efforts using our Test Automation Services.

Choose to either use for our ready made frameworks for Trading, 3D rendering, Image Manipulation, Location Services, Charing etc or allow us to custom build a framework specifically for your need.